Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Mud Pack for Cars?

Well, last weekend was a bit of a washout... Did you see the weather, huh? Our new tent was brilliant, though. It kept us dry through the downpours while others got drenched. At least 3 other traders asked us for the tent manufacturer's details. 
So as you can imagine the ground was sodden and quickly churned up into a quagmire. Lots of cars, vans and even 4X4s at the mercy of the towing carts, everyone waiting patiently to be saved.
I looked after the stall on Saturday and when I returned home, in my wee car caked in mud, Dave made a few mocking comments about women drivers and being pulled out of the field by a tractor. I was none too pleased as I thought I'd done particularly well compared to others who were stuck fast as soon as they tried to pull off.
Sunday's weather was a bit sunnier (still with the all too frequent passing downpours!) and a bit busier. Dave helped to man the stall so to cheer myself up I went to get some sinful dark chocolate fudge from Laura's Chocolates  and did a bit of Welly Watching!
And lastly, my pair! I love my lime green wellies

At around 5pm I packed away the stall and Dave dismantled the tent. The car was loaded up and we tried to set off. Dave pulled away with a smug grin and all was going well until we got to the bit I needed to get towed out of.... yep, Dave got stuck too. I didn't say anything, just enjoyed the moment! 

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Loitering within tent

It's nearly summer, which means lots of outdoor shows on the way. Normally we make use of the tents/stalls supplied by the organisers or use our little green garden gazebo.

Renting stalls can be expensive but not everywhere let's you use a bog-standard garden gazebo (and they tend not to be great in poor weather!).

So... we have bought ourselves a brand spanking new tent which...

  • complies with the British Standard for fire resistance (as required by some show organisers)
  • is built with really sturdy poles and less likely to blow over in high winds (been there - not funny!)
  • keeps out the rain when it's chucking it down throughout our Scottish Summers.
We're using it for the first time next week when we are at the BASC Fair so gave it a trial run in the garden today. Dave swore lots about the lack of instructions, not sure why as he never reads them anyway. We just need to get a sign with our name on the front of it now.

If you're at BASC drop by and I'll give you the guided tour.

(I've just noticed Dave does a mean impression of
'Wilson the neighbour' from Home Improvements!)