Sunday, 14 September 2008

Air today

Attended the Leuchars Airshow yesterday as part of their Scottish Fair.
It was a bit of an eventful day overall, 1st was the 5am start to travel to Leuchars to be on site and ready to trade by 8am. This was a bit of a shock to the system as mornings are not really my thing. It was also a bit strange getting up when it was still dark.

Part of the reason for the early start is the need for security checks before you can enter the airbase. I've never had the car searched by a sniffer dog on the way to a show before (or any other time for that matter).

This was a bit nerve racking as our soap contains a lot of glycerine, but luckily not nitro glycerine. Our Stop Kidding Around soap contains almond oil. Semtex smells of almonds, not sure why I know this as I have never smelt semtex. it must be one of those useless fact you pick up just so you can remember it when a sniffer dog reaches your boot!

Just to top things off I had a large number of bombs in the boot......., well bath bombs anyway. I was very careful to refer to them as bath fizz during the day.
Tick, Tick, Tick......., Tick Booomm!
Anyway the sniffer dog was satisfied that none of our products could be used in the pursuit of evil so I was allowed entry.

The show was very busy all day but due to the weather a lot of the flying displays did not take place which was a bit of a disapointment for the visitors.

Being in an aircraft hanger meant I couldn't see a lot of what was happening but did catch a glimpse of one or two planes including a Spitfire. I was a bit disappointed not to be able to see the Vulcan Bomber (grounded due to low cloud) as I remember these flying over my house when I was a kid. Yes I am that old!

Worryingly it was dark again by the time I got home, the nights are fair drawing in as my dad always says.


Saturday, 13 September 2008

Barony Crafts Mentioned in Homes & Interiors

Oooh, I'm so grateful to Lisa at Primrose Hill Interiors. Lisa's studio and shop has been featured in the September/October edition of Homes & Interiors Scotland, in their Nooks & Crannies section. As part of the article Lisa mentioned some local crafts stocked in her shop, one of which is Barony Crafts Soap. My heart skipped a beat when I was reading about Lisa's success and there before me was my wee company mentioned in this very posh mag. Have a read for yourself...

Friday, 12 September 2008

Website Updates

It's about time I overhaul my website. For a start, not all my soaps I have on my stall are available to buy online. I have lots more products now including Liquid Handsoap, Hand & Body Lotion & Shower Gels. I have to admit that I've been so busy with my shows over the summer period I haven't had time to 'spring clean' the website.
The major prompt to do this is the festive season is nearing and my trade stockists are starting to ask about this years Christmas range. So, it time to sit down and charge at it like heading down the Lilliehammer Bobsliegh Run (have I mentioned I've done this!) once it starts there's no stopping it until it comes to an end somewhere miles from where you started.

just before the bobsleigh run
You may find that the words UNDER CONSTRUCTION are peppered over the website for the next couple weeks but you will still be able to buy as usuall. Hopefuly it will result in an easier to use and more pleasing to the eye Barony Crafts website. If you have any suggestions to help or any ideas of things you would like to see... drop me a post.

Love & Marriage

On Monday I had a bride-to-be pick up her 110 Barony soap favours ready for her wedding on Saturday 13th September. A couple of weeks previously Vicki & her mother came out to my workshop to talk over colours, scents and wording of the labels. I think I enjoyed the experience as much as the Bride. I remember for our wedding day we had Dave's sporran made to his specifications by a sporran maker to the stars!!! We visited Marcus Eagleton's workshop and was fascinated by it all. I was really chuffed when I recogised the same buzz from my guests as I showed off my workshop. I think is great to support talented craftsmen and seek out individual items to make you big day extra special.
matching bridesmaids fabric

Lots To Tell

This past week (and a bit) has been very hectic and full of ups and downs. On Monday last week I gave a talk about Barony to Logiealmond WRI. I was asked to be a speaker a few months back and all of a sudden there I was infront of a room full of people (isn't it funny how quickly time passes when you are worried about something). Well, I have to say a huge thank you to eveyone for making me feel at ease. It was a great night and I may have spoken for a bit too long once I got into it. Afterwards we had tea, sandwiches and homemade cakes, lovely. A special thank you to Helen for keeping calm before the talk.

Logiealmond WRI

That weekend, over Friday 5th to Sunday 7th, David and I had a couple of large shows as well as supplying a table for a charity fundraiser in Bridge of Allan.

On Friday 5th I set up shop at the Dundee Flower & Food Festival. It was a bit of a slow day (Fridays usually are at these 3 day shows) but by sheer luck I was placed beside Jo Cound, a photographer friend from Crieff Market. Jo's work is mainly of the natural world. Some of her pictures have appeared on magazine covers and loo roll packaging! Don't tell Dave but I did spend much of the day looking through Jo's stall and chatting away. The picture below is one of my favourites and I've told Dave I'd be very pleased with Santa if I found it under the Christmas tree this year...
Bell Cap by Jo Cound
David tended to the stall in Dundee for the rest of the weekend. I wasn't at Dundee on Sat & Sun, I had a stall at Glamis Game Fair and Countryside Festival at Glamis Castle with 3D/2D. What a great time I had & nearly sold out of all my stock. Now that sounds great but I have a view that if I'm running out of stock then I've not made enough! It's great when I have regular customers come up and say 'I was hoping you'd be at this show'.

To add to this busy weekend we had 'Crafty' friends staying over on the Saturday night. Sean & Gillian are known as Hamilton Taylor and are very talented glass workers. Instead of me telling you all about what they do you can visit their webpage. Sean & Gillian live in Glasgow and it's a bit of a trek for them to drive home and come back to Glamis the next day so we offered them a bed for the night. After a long day at Glamis we all headed off to have dinner out (no way was I able to make a 3 course meal in the middle of a show weekend!) and what a joy it was.

My African Delta trinket box and handmade glass beads by Hamilton Taylor